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Never say Never

Watching Matrix on cinema left in my mind one phrase. "Everything that has a beggining, has an end".
Most probably this post is what it is about.
Thank all of you for reading me.

From now on you can can check me on: working on Graphic Design.

Thank you

Bridge 11 | Inspiring Actions

One action can inspire the whole world. Can you feel it?

Bellow you can see a competition I am participating, I created my own sustainable and environmentaly friendly campaign. Vote for me here

Dowload my campaign here

And this is a video which deserves to inspire! I love it!

Selfborder 8 | Incapacity of Love

When I am not receiving the grams of love I need I can even fell in love with my hand, with a table or with the clouds on an empty sky. 

It is strange.

My No1 value is Independence of Myself. Nevertheless, I am ready to give a big kick in my pile-shaped value system and break it down at times when I need that the only thing I want is to depend on someone else.

Yes, sometimes I need to be dependable on others. I need to depend on you, on your love and your caring attention on me, on your smile, on your positive smile.

If you are there, if you read me, just know that I am here.

Readers Post 3 | "Sharing is Posting" from Anastasia Pechlivanidou

I always wanted to be one of those people that would be in the future founders of a new humanism movement. Everything for people and around them. But what do people need now? After a weird discussion with a person who changed my life rapidly, I started considering how would I be helpful to my surroundings? My realization was that the time of fast movements is all around, and people tend to lose focus and themselves. So something must stop us – must give us a motive to look what is going on around.

The new era is the one of communication, internet, Facebook, twitter, linkedin and so many others – this is the place where we grow up, get informed, and find out opportunities and even friends. So this is the place where people will find depravation and evolution – if you cannot beat the system, change it!

My personal favorite hobby, except my work, is scanning the internet and tracking down opportunities. Most of the things that I find do not attract me, maybe because I have found who I am and what I will do with my life. But there are thousands of people out there searching for their life and meanings behind questions. All the things I find - articles, contests, events, interesting groups or pages -are always posted on my facebook profile. It would very selfish from my side to find all those wonderful things, and keep them for myself – especially when I do not practically use them.

Maybe my posts and my sharing intrigue someone to create a breakthrough, maybe my posts will become a milestone in somebody’s life…I will be happy if people start sharing all the things they know but do not need, so as to help others. I will be happier if I am one of those peopleJ.

Bridge 10 | Small Pleasures

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11th Border | World of our Own

Last days I pushed myself into watching some documentaries that challenged a lot my thinking on the basis of our system and that pushed me far ahed into reading more on global news.

"Why are we failing?" is a question I adore.

Every single thing I can see around looks like having one single effect of our failure as persons, villagies, cities, societies, world. Worst thing, people who believe that these failures can be edited are called "dreamers" and usually are pussed aside as "not down to earth".

Why have we lost the will to see the world the way we want to live in?

We are not the revolutionary ages of earlier years of recent history? Life is not a game, so there are no rules. If we want rules we make them. If we don't like them we erase or change them. We should all feel the ownership of our planet and lives. In Greece we say: "This is mine! You don't tell me what to do with that! If I like I put fire and burn it down!". What we do now is burning down a planet because we feel that it is not ours when it really is. If fire is the choice we have to understand we put fire on ourselves, on our property!

There is still hope

There is a small percentage of the people that has claimed the ownership of the world in a way that to those it is not obvious now, will be coming more obvious year by year. Hope today is written in arabic. آمال . And the reasons are three: Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. Do something good. Learn about what's going on these two countries. Talk if you can with someone that is local. Choose yourself the source of your info. Don't choose TV

When you have some time check these:

There are also with many language subtitles available on the web

Bridge 9 | Time to achieve

On every new year ever we are making wishes for the year to come. But when is the time for some actions? In fact, now.

In order to have the best use of our time we need to set goals and also set the right ones.

There is one very nice excercise I learnt when I was in Italy that can help you find some nice goals. Get a big paper, create 12 columns, on the top of each one write a month. Think of the last year and write down things you did last year (you can check your mails, calendar, emails, mobile phones, etc in order to remeber the most things possible). Then draw a line showing how good or not that good your mood was last year on each month.

Then check the time your mood was lowest and find the things that you have to do in order this year your mood not to fall if there are going to be same periods (eg if your mood falls during exams, set a goal to read some lessons during the previous months, etc.).

Then check the months your mood was set to high and do the opposite. Try to repeat the good stuff. After periods that your mood will certainly decrease (eg exams again) create a gift to yourself at the exact end of it that you can think of it during the low mood time (for example plan a trip).

Remember to set some goals for your health and body (workout, food you eat, exercises), for your future (studies, CV making, skills you want to acquire), your mental health (reading, movies, music, hobbies etc) and also add things that you have never done to do!

If you need some help on that you can find on the website Write things you want to achieve and check other people that want to achieve the same things as you. Get inspired by other people's achievements or things they want to achieve. If you log in through facebook you can see friends using the website!

Set goals, you will love achieving them!
Remember that every wish remains just a wish just till the moment you write it down and try to achieve it! Then it becomes a target!

aLifeWithoutBorders | 2010 Report!

The Top 5 posts* of aLifeWithoutBorders in 2010 were:

1. Selfborder 7 | Something wicked this week comes                  171 Readers
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4. Selfborder 4 | Procrastination                                                        131 Readers
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                         *Posts published before September do not have counted posts. Readers counted on 1st January

My Undiscovered Top 3 Posts in 2010 are:

Special thanks to:

My Brother Stamatis for promoting my blog to half population of Katerini and for even teaching English to his friends couldn't read my blog (:,
Larry Ioanninidis for promoting my blog in his (a-m-a-z-i-n-g) blog and for all the feedback, technology breakthrough etc. etc.,
Danai Angelopoulou and Elena Lamprou for being the first too readers to post on the blog (I am looking forward for more people),
Bora Mezetziou for her great ideas and suggestions on how to promote my blog in the future,
Eleana Terzaki, Anna Skryabina, Marianthi Milea for commenting, telling me how you like my blog and helping me being focused on that I am doing,
All my friends for reading, Like-ing and promoting my blog.

Last but not least thank YOU for reading this post.

I promise 2011 will be even more bright for aLifeWithoutBorders.